In the 2002 rulebook of the Legends, Bandolero & Thunder Roadster Cars, you will notice a few changes and clarifications. INEX has put in every effort to write this rulebook to cover all situations that may arise at the racetrack. 

This list is a few items that will be changed or up-dated from the 2001 rulebook. Please take notice and make the necessary changes prior to the 2002-racing season. 

* All fire suits must be labeled flame retardant.
* All helmets must be rated "Snell SA" 90 or newer 

(Snell M rating will no longer be permitted).
* Fuel will be tested exclusively with the specific gravity gauge; all laboratory testing will be done by INEX.
* The button style seal under the headers, on sealed Legends & Thunder Roadster engines will not be required.
* While performing a cranking compression test all four spark plugs will be removed from the engine. 
* Foil or reflective car numbers will no longer be allowed.
* "Double shear" rear end housings will be available through 600 Racing, Inc. (competitors will be allowed to up-grade to the specifications of the 600 Racing, Inc. "Double shear" housing).
* The mandatory decals will be as follows,

Legends Cars
- Legends Car logo
- INEX logo
- BFGoodrich

Bandolero Cars
- Bandolero Car logo
- INEX logo
- BFGoodrich
- Briggs & Stratton
- Dyno Cams

Thunder Roadster Cars
- Thunder Roadster Car logo
- INEX logo
- BFGoodrich

Please keep in mind; this is not a complete list of all changes to the 2002 rulebook. This letter is intended as a pre-warning to some of the changes for 2002.
You should get your 2002 License sent in. The new applications form is attached and printable or contact Brandon at Legendscars Dealership (801) 295-3741 or e-mail sales@legendscars.com

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