Why Bilstein Shocks: To lessen the expense, 600 Racing is providing the racers a 4 Shocks for the Price of 3 deal for a Limited Time! Bilstein shocks are regularly $99 each, so a new set of 4 will cost you $297 (compare that to $440 for a full set of 4 Carreras).  Bilstein shock spring adjuster kits regularly cost $26.95 as compared to the $39.95 Carrera kits.  Thus, total cost for 4 new Bilstein shocks is approximately $405 plus tax, again for a Limited Time Only - let us know how many you need as soon as possible so we can help you take advantage of this special deal.  Why must we switch shocks?- it is not so 600 Racing can make more money, but to improve the competitive fairness of the Legends racing series. INEX did not have a workable program to tech possible modifications of the Carrera shocks.  As we all know, the Carrera shocks are not very consistent shock-to-shock and the big bucks guys were buying their shocks in large quantities and using shock dynos to optimize their setups.  Evidence was growing showing several racers were modifying their Carrera shocks which is outside the spirit of our spec class Legends series.600 Racing and INEX consulted with the shock manufacturers to work these problems and Bilstein provided the best, cost effective solution for all concerned.  After the mandatory conversion date, INEX plans to institute a shock inspection program where racers (predominately the top dogs) will be required to swap out periodically one of their shocks already on the car with a confirmed legal shock (since the basic Bilstein shocks are very consistent shock-to-shock, the overall car setup will remain relatively unchanged). The removed shock will be sent to a Bilstein lab and opened up for inspection. If the shock is found altered in any way, the racer will receive a stiff fine and likely dis-qualification to race anywhere for a specified time period. This is a better deal for all racers!  Combine the new inspection possibilities with the Bilstein shock, the attributes of a monotube design which is the norm for racing applications (Carrera shocks are double tube which is fine for street driving but fades during racing stresses), gas charged rebound which can help keep a tire planted as the car rolls, etc and we have a good possibility the Bilstein shocks will make the Legends car faster! Paying $400 to knock a few tenths off your lap times could prove to be a lot cheaper than paying 5 times more to get that special engine rebuild to see the same lap time reduction. Some spring rate change may be necessary to get similar handling as seen with the Carrera shock. We have already tested in the Vegas and Sears Point this winter with Bilstein setups with excellent results, we will post our results on this web to possibly help you adjust your setup. During the season, most racers will buy a new set of shocks anyway, so take advantage of the special pricing offered by 600 Racing to put a new set of Bilstein shocks on your hot rod now!


At International Legendscars  we are constantly seeking ways to promote the series and  support the drivers.

When in Utah, please stop in at our showroom located off the I-15 exit 318, then west 1 mile on 2600 South. We have new Legendscars on display as well as parts and accessories. We also sell Longacre, Simpson, ButlerBuilt, and No Fear racing products. Our parts department can ship anywhere in the World. Check out our parts link at www.legendscars.com for the itemís  that you need. Then call or e-mail us with your order. Our phone number is (801) 295-3741 and fax is (801) 296-6442 ask for Brandon

Driver's Clinics:

The  first driver's clinic for 2001will be held on June 18, 2001 at our Conference and Showroom in Woods Cross. Past drivers have significantly improved their lap times from a slow 23 second lap average to a race competitive  high 18's at the high speed 3/8 mile RMR speedway by the end of the clinic. Driverís  that  start at mid 19's run consistent Top 10 capable 18.6 & 18.7 second laps.

ILC will hook up with our RMR Legends champion, Jeff Kelly, Brandon Burton and Kelley Van Cleave, to provide classroom & track driving instruction  including 1-2 hours of chalk  talk discussions in the ILC classroom. A setup seminar at our shop covers what makes a Legends car handle. Then off to RMR  for 4 hours of track time in your car with coaching from our Champions, as well as follow-the-leader  exercises. Cost is $250 per driver and $50 for your crew chief. Trackside scales and chassis adjustment equipment will be provided by ILC.

ILC's 2nd Driver's Clinic will be held this fall with a guest Pro Legends driver, conducting the course. Course format and cost is the same as RMR. In the works is a driver's clinic  at the Wendover road course. Cost will be $250 per driver and $50 for your crew chief. Expect this clinic to happen during August 2001  Contact ILC early to lock a starting spot in one of these upcoming clinics as times and dates may change.

Ride & Drive, Driving School and Race dates. 
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