Legendscars Motorsports marketing is a phenomenon...

A phenomenon you should be a part of...

Auto racing is the largest spectator sport in North America, drawing more paying spectators than baseball, football, horse racing or hockey. Enthusiastic audiences respond to products and ideas associated with competition.

The value of Motorsports Sponsorship in increasing your customer base is evident in the heavy sponsorship involvement of companies like A-C DELCO, BUDWEISER, COORS, B.F.GOODRICH, McDONALD'S, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Motorsports advertising effectively reaches males 18 - 40, half of who have an annual income of $45,000 or more. But many racing fans are children, teens, and women, and their purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by what they see at the track.

A Motorsports Sponsorship is a dynamic method of introducing your product or service to your potential customers. The demographic profile of motorsports fans shows why so many corporate sponsors have made Motorsports Marketing a vital part of their corporate and brand marketing strategies.

Motorsports Sponsorship is very flexible. You are not forced into buying what you don't need. You can structure your involvement with the Legends team in such a way that your valuable resources are not committed in directions that you feel are unproductive. 

Enhanced Employee Relations...
Motorsports Sponsorship helps to build "Team Spirit." Your employees can enjoy feeling that they are part of the team, increasing morale, productivity, and company pride.

Employee incentives - Boost the morale of your employees even more with a little competition of their own. The winner could get a free weekend at the races as a part of the Pit Crew, or a team jacket, t-shirt or hat as a token of your appreciation for a job well done.

Sales meetings - Meeting your goals is very important. If your product or service utilizes a sales force, schedule a sales meeting around a day at the races. Show them that high performance, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence demonstrates what you and your company stand for.

Enhanced Customer Relations...
Put your clients and customers right in the middle of the action and have their attention not just for a few hours, but also for an entire evening or weekend. Depending upon your level of sponsorship investment, here are a few examples of what can be done to promote your company...

Customer entertainment - A day at the races is an effective way to entertain clients. Reward your best customers with a weekend at the races. Legendscar "Ride and Drive", crew participation, or just the experience of the races can be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Trade Shows and Exhibits - Show off your racing team and be the center of attention. People will stop at your booth to look at the Legends race car and will relate your company and product with their experience of seeing the race team and talking to the driver and the crew. Sales, Sales, Sales!

Special Promotions - Use the Legendscar race team as a display. The driver can be on hand to talk to your customers about the experience of racing. Run a racing sweepstakes as a point-of-purchase promotion. Use pictures of the Legends race team and the Legends race car in merchandise brochures or newsletters.

Consumer Premiums - Jackets, hats and t-shirts bearing your name and logo can be sold at the event or in your place of business, given away with purchases, or for spectator promotions, giving your product or service limitless amounts of exposure.

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